“My Journey”

by -The Ot3p
I feel my way down this frozen path of pain,
Seeking sympathy from the torment,
My eyes have been sewn shut,
My scars slowly show the pain.

I paint a picture all back inside,
My soul in need of redemption,
My beating heart aches with anger,
Oh, how can I stop this pain inside?

Walking in a garden,
Longing to touch the rose,
I prick my flesh against its thorn,
My insides all twisted and torn.

My miserable soul longed for death,
My bloody flesh belonged to the grave,
Its keeper was waiting on my soul to go to hell,
Forever being trapped in my burning cell.

An ecstasy overcame me even more,
To wishing my wrists were bleeding,
All to stop the insane beatings,
That tortured my longing soul for something more.

A lighting flash of light,
Lifted me off my feet,
The light fully surrounded me so tight,
The light, willing to win, even though I was in defeat.

My soul was comforted,
My body no longer ached,
My flesh was whole,
No scars to show the pain of my past.

My face showed emotion,
That I have never felt before,
As I stand still all I feel is a comforted motion,
This is what my soul was longing for.

The beautiful light of Christ’ Grace,
I stand amazed in this place,
My cryptic soul was washed,
All the black gone, polished away.

Cobwebs were wiped away from my eyes,
I drank from the Living Water,
Once my soul craved the Land of the Dead,
But now, I long for the Land of the Living.

My journey never stopped,
It is kept alive by Christ,
My soul begs not for my glorious journey never to be stopped,
As I follow my Savior, my Love, My Christ


CHRIST is someone to know and trust
Religion is something to believe and do
Religion doesn't change hearts
Religion makes much of little
Religion offers the approval of men rather than CHRIST
Religion makes hypocrites of us
Religion makes a hard life harder
Religion makes it easy to deceive ourselves
Religion hides the key of knowledge
Religion leads its converts astray
But CHRIST is everything for everybody at every time.
Believe in Jesus than Religion.
(Rev. Paul Ciniraj, India)


YOUR LIFE is Jesus to someone,
Though tattered and torn it may be.
Though often times weak and unstable,
You're all of God someone will see.
YOUR TONGUE is Jesus to someone.
That idle, insensitive word
Reflects to at least one searching heart
An idle, insensitive Lord.
YOUR GOALS are Jesus to someone.
What you put first, they believe,
Are the goals of God for the Christian.
Your life is all they receive.
YOUR FAITHFULNESS... that's Jesus to someone.
Their judgment of how God is true,
Rests unquestionably in the faithfulness
They see day by day in you.
YOUR LOVE is Jesus to someone--
That someone who is seeking to know
That Jesus will follow and guide and
Befriend wherever in life they might go.
SO BEWARE lest others blaspheme
God by what you say or do,
For the only Jesus that someone knows
Is the Jesus they see in you.
    Author Unknown

   Breaking Her Bones
-The Ot3p
  July 6, 2006
 Lonely Girl,

 Sitting in a corner all to her own,
 Her dark eyes scan the scene,
Her emotionless face, dead as bone.

Lonely Girl,
Getting stared at as she walks down the school halls,

She covers her ears as rejections make their move,
She’s not normal, according to their laws.

Lonely Girl,
She’s in her room,
Hearing her parents fighting,
She wishes to escape from her flooding tomb.

Lonely Girl,
Reaches for The Book,
Spiritually she’s not lonely,
She’s lonely physically-because of the way she looks.

Lonely Girl,
 Keep on going,
 Keep Jesus’ Name,
 Even if their stones,
May break your bones.

Lonely Girl,
She’s never going to look back,
Lonely Girl,
Leaving her self pity in a stack.

Lonely Girl,
Sitting in a corner all to her own,
She’s not normal, according to their laws,
Lonely Girl keep on going,
Even if they break your bones.

 No One Like You
-The Ot3p

This is where I have to draw the line,
I want to have a deeper relationship with you this time,
This time, I really see,
How much you have really changed me,
You planted me firmly as an oak tree,
My branches stretch beyond the sea,
There is no one like You,
I see You in everything I do.

I was desperate and incomplete,
And my faith was no bigger than a mustard seed,
But then you showed me,
And this mustard seed,
Found it soil through the stone,
For its faith to grow,
I am so amazed
By You.

As I stand in you presence, peaceful and still,
I am waiting and praying for you to show me Your will,
For my life,
I am ready to take this wondrous journey with you by my side,
You hold me so close, in your warm embrace,
I am like a little child, seeing comfort on you smiling face.

As I continue, down this narrow path,
I know that you will guide me through this twisting path,
You will hold my hand in the narrow way,
But in Your Holy presence, is where I feel safe,
Because You are my Lord, Savior and King,
It trust you with my
Mind and,
There is no one greater than You!

 The Suicide Generation
-The Ot3p
 July 6, 2006

”Kill those that hate you and kill yourself!”
 Is what they shout and yell,
”And by the way”, they say,
 “Keep your Jesus to yourself!”

What are we going to do,
What are we going to say,
To the suicide generation,
That just wants to run away.

Slit your wrist and cut your throat,
Just like Satan wants,
Mutaltae, kill and repeat,
As your head is filled with Satan’s taunts.

What can we do for them,
Cries and complains the church,
But at the same time,
They reject them-unwelcoming them to church.

Believers in Christ,
Get down on our knees and pray for this generation’s sake,
Pray for their lost souls,
For Jesus Christ to take.

Believers of this generation,
Pray for the selfishness of this will to break,
Pray hard for our suicide generation,
For our sake!

Believers alike,
Take up your swords,
Ger ready to fight,
Step up boldy with God’s Holy Words.

What we are going to do,
What we are going to say,
To the suicide generation that just wants to run away,
Is pray.


by Chey P. Anyways

How would I start this? How would I end?
Mixed emotions, mixed feelings come together,
to form a lonely, helpless void.
Where? How? When? You ask.
I say, When someone remembers the memories, I will explain.
Memories of my life, flushed down a toilet into nowhere.
Memories of both the good times, and the bad.
Time. Time lost by carelessness by people who don't give a damn.
People who hide who they really are behind a smile.
People who hide with their stupid idiotic smiles.
I hate it.
I hate it.
People who took me to the dump at one point, then realize the deed they had done...
But it's too late.
Too late.
For the memories.
Memories lost.
Memories hated.
Like me.
Exactly like me.
Memories. What are they?
Little clouds of wisdom?
Little thoughts of happiness?
Not exactly.
They are long forgotten...like me.
Memories...are like me.

the cold waves lapped cruelly against her exhausted body,
brutally forcing her out of her blissful daydreams,
daydreams of such comfort, that would never come
shattered were the dreams of tomorrow,
by the all encompassing ocean of regret and pain,
causing tears to flow down her cheeks in proof of her
never ending tears entered the livid cuts,
slashed upon her face by everyone and no one,
hindering her ability to grow up in her
angering those featureless people around her,
not knowing how tender and shy she truly is,
endless torture brought about by others'
causing endless, unendurable pain,
pain, and dashed hope, and dreams torn asunder,
by people who meant well, by people who would never know,
the pain, and soul wrenching agony they put her through,
Those who meant well, and yet didn't see,
the burning horrible choices they forced upon her, until it was,

by rebel


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