May 27, 2007

As many of you are aware, Phill was
going out to Colorado this summer for an engineering internship. He
drove his motorcycle out to CO, and last night was in an accident.
Phill was killed instantly. 
- mike jackson

"I have AMAZING brothers and sister in Blood, that I love (philos) to life even though I don't easily verbalize it (those of you out there know that I am talking about you). My parents are completely supportive of my choices in this new sub-culture of the goth that I am getting involved in. I have been saved from mindless and soulless religion by Jesus my Savior, and He died on the cross so that I can have a Beautiful relationship with God the Father through Him, and I have been made new by the Holy Spirit entering me and making me into a new creation. I have been allowed to serve, praise, and even TALK to my Creator, amazing, awing, and mind-boggling, wow, I think I might have to take some time just meditating on that.....
Yeah I kinda wish that I had the brain capacity to realize the FULL implications of that. I could go on for a whole nother page, but I have the feeling that you all get the idea. GOD IS AMAZING!!! That is the only a fraction of it."
- Phill Grosser (from his xanga blog on 5/28/05 exactly two years before he died).

"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.

And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die."   John 11:25, 26

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